Can we view the wedding car before we book?

Yes, and we would recommend that you do view the car. We run personal appointments at our premises or at a local location of your choice.

Will your car be reliable?

Although the Beauford is styled in the 1930s, it is a purpose built wedding car and has modern components. Our Beauford was factory built in 1993. Reliability has been further enhanced by the fitting of electronic ignition, brand new modern carburetor and duel systems for major components.
The car is subject to a regular service schedule and ongoing improvements. When hiring older classic vehicles, no amount of attention and care can guarantee reliability.

Can the bridal car do more than one trip?

Yes, if the ceremony is very close to pick up points, although it is not recommended. Any delays on the first journey will impact on the bride’s journey and could be very stressful for the bride. Ideally a journey up to 3 miles each way should be the max and would incur a small fee. If a longer journey is required, we can quote accordingly, but this may be a risky strategy. The longer the journey, the greater the risk.

Can you provide a wedding car for Civil Partnership ceremonies?

Hire can be taken out for weddings of all denominations, civil partnerships, civil ceremonies, renewal of vows and blessings.

How long can we book the car for?

The standard hire period is 4 hours, but because our policy is to only book one function per day you can book it for as long as you want.

Can I book the car just for photographs?

Yes, this can be at any venue or function for whatever time is required. The car can also drive to any location for photographs in addition to the main venue.

How are the hire charges calculated?

The two main parts of the calculation are, – mileage from our base to ceremony and return to base, plus the amount of time the car is required for. Our benchmark hire is a total of 30 miles and 4 hours duration. These two elements are the main cost and then small fees for personalized items to make your day special to you are added, some at no extra cost. We pride ourselves on giving extra attention to detail at no extra cost.

How far do you travel?

We will travel quite a distance from our base but the cost will be higher. For longer distances dispensations can be made, taking into account the types of road and time away from base. We will always work with you and try to accommodate your requests at best cost.

How flexible can the hire be?

Our aim is to meet whatever itinerary you require at a competitive cost. Although we have a standard of 30 miles and 4 hours for our base calculations, we are happy to consider whatever plans you may have, and give a competitive cost. If you require less than 4 hours or less than 30 miles, that’s ok. You may be surprised what we can include for no extra cost. The car is only booked for one function per day, so flexibility can always be given.

Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve a wedding car?

Yes a deposit is required. This reserves the car for the whole day.

Is the deposit refundable if I cancel my hire?

No, all deposits are non refundable. This is because at time of booking the car is not available to anyone else for the whole day.

When is the balance for the hire payable?

The balance would be due 30 days prior to hire date.

Will the wedding car have ribbons?

Yes, the wedding car will be trimmed with ribbons and bows (optional). Traditional white is the default colour. There is a range of many colours available, or you may wish to provide your own if a perfect match is important. There is no extra cost for ribbons or variations to trim for the car.

Will the wedding car have flowers inside?

Yes, neutral silk flowers will be provided on the rear shelf. There is no extra cost for this service. It may also be possible to include additional flowers provided by you.

Is champagne provided, and can it be drunk inside the car?

Because we do not have a liquor license, it is illegal to provide champagne as part of the package. We can provide glasses and ice bucket for you to drink champagne or any drink you may want during the hire. Water is available free of charge. We do not allow uncorking of champagne inside the car or any dark coloured drinks inside the car. No drinking of champagne is allowed during transit. You are very welcome to drink champagne in the car when stationary for photographs. A bistro style table and 2 chairs can be provided for photographs if required.

Can we throw confetti or rice etc., into the car?

We would ask your guests not to deliberately throw confetti or rice etc., into the car. If uncontrolled, this can cause staining (especially damp confetti) and additional cleaning. For photographs the controlled use of confetti is ok.

Can you squeeze in an extra person?

The Beauford is best configured to take the bride and escort only in addition to the driver. One front seat has been modified for ease of access. One front seat can be used for an extra person if required.

Do you provide child seats?

No we do not supply child seats or allow the fitting of child seats.

Can you carry young children?

By law we can only carry children over 3 years old on the back seat. We only allow children to travel if accompanied by an adult.

What happens if you are delayed or the car has a breakdown?

A delay can be caused for many reasons at any time during the hire. The delay could be caused by road conditions, i.e. closure, traffic congestion, weather conditions, accidents and mechanical breakdowns. To reduce the risk of being delayed because of road conditions, the routes to be taken on the wedding day are assessed on the same day at the same time just prior to the ceremony. An accurate itinerary of timings will be compiled and given to you. Because we only have one booking per day, we allow a generous amount of time at the start of the hire, and arrive for the bride’s journey well ahead of schedule. We would rather arrive early and spend time cleaning the car, so that the bride does not feel anxious about the car not arriving.
Mechanical breakdown is unwanted at any time but especially on your wedding day. If the breakdown occurs before the hire commences and it cannot be fixed in time, every endeavor will be made to locate another Beauford that can be used. Like most wedding hire companies we have reciprocal arrangements where if possible, a replacement can step in.

We take car reliability very seriously and listed below are some of the steps we have taken to improve reliability –

  • The vehicle is subject to a rigorous maintenance schedule
  • For every hire, routine pre-hire checks are carried out to all systems
  • Diagnostic problems and component replacements are documented, to give historical assurance
  • The car is fitted with reliable after sales carburetor & manual choke
  • The car is fitted with electronic ignition.
  • We have modified the vehicle, where practical to include dual systems which can be used if the prime system fails
  • Where practical key components are carried as spares
  • Training is given to drivers for fault diagnosis and rectification where possible

We will always endeavor to deliver the service you are expecting, but for reasons unforeseen and completely out of our control we all have to accept that any car can refuse to proceed.
We would recommend that you have a backup plan in place before the day begins.

Are you contactable out of normal working hours?

At Graceful Wedding Cars we believe that good communication is very important to make sure we deliver exactly what you want on your big day. We are happy to take your call at any time from 8am in the morning until 9pm in the evening, even if it is just to answer a simple question to put your mind at rest. In an emergency we are available 24/7.
We never underestimate how important our role is in making the ceremony transportation as stress free and enjoyable as possible. To achieve this we like to build a trusting relationship, through limitless friendly communication.